Development of an Action Plan in the Event of an Attack at sea

In case of an assault the above arrangements ought to make the following strides less demanding.
• Activate the Family Liaison Delegate administration to the family as before long as could be expected under the circumstances.
• Make each push to be the first to educate the group of the assault some time recently they get notification from another source.
• Make contact by phone and/or in individual where suitable. Where the family does not have entry to a
phone, contact ought to be made with a nearby bolster office, for example, an properly prepared delegate of a welfare affiliation, a religious association or union authority, who may transport the Family Contact to a phone or convey an underlying message to the family until the Company can reach.
• Be clear about what the Family Contact Representative or designated delegate can or can't say – use
the readied script for starting contact to guarantee crucial actualities are given as proper.
• Ensure that the Family Liaison Agent obviously distinguishes him/ herself.
• Establish that the perfect individual is being addressed by asking a couple questions.
This is especially important in societies where first names are regularly passed down through various eras of a family. A few things to ask may be; Can you please prompt me how you know (x)?, Is there any other individual in your family who has the same name as you, for example, your dad or granddad etc....?
• If the designated Family Contact is definitely not accessible ask when/where they can be reached. Just leave a message that you are attempting to get in touch with them, don't unveil the explanation behind the call and/or visit. Reach at the time proposed.
• Keep the principal contact extremely verifiable and brief. Guarantee to address the Family Contact again inside a brief period (normally 60 minutes) to permit them to ingest the news and bolster them in
their underlying response.
• Recognize that they might be stunned also, not able to assimilate the news. Recommend that they may jump at the chance to record inquiries to get ready for your next contact.
• The Family Liaison Representative should:
• Make the guaranteed telephone call at the time concurred. This is critical to show guarantees will be
regarded and to set up trust.
• Allow the Family Contact time for planning of inquiries.
• Encourage inquiries and attempt to answer these as straightforwardly and truly as the occurrence licenses. Any inquiries that are outlandish to answer ought to be recognized as such and a proper reaction given.
• Write down any inquiries or nerves communicated by the Family Contact.
• Listen with sympathy.
• Thoroughly note what was talked about amid the call/visit
• It is fitting to have more than one assigned Family Liaison
Agent required with every case. This implies in the event that one Agent is inaccessible when the Family Contact calls, the second Agent can accept the call, exhort the family and manage any issues. The second Family Liaison Agent ought to be recognized to the Family Contact from the begin and be kept completely assessed of the case. This will advance congruity of consideration furthermore, add to the family feeling that they are regarded during an era of awesome tension, in this way pushing them to adapt. A Family Contact may get extremely irate on the off chance that they talk with an alternate
individual each time they contact the Organization so it is imperative to guarantee coherence of named contacts. Both Family Liaison Representatives ought to keep exact records of all calls and overhaul each other to guarantee that both are completely mindful of the most recent dialogs with the family.
• Recognize that influenced families may well be speaking with each other what's more, consider the benefit of encouraging such interchanges.
• Affected families have reported that they have thought that it was essential to meet with senior Company agents. This can likewise be advantageous to the Organization by setting up trust between the gatherings included.
• Regular contact with the Family Contact should be set up and kept up all through. Toward the start of
the episode day by day contact might be vital. On the off chance that there is a drawn out period
of imprisonment then fittingly concurred also, planned contact periods ought to be set up. Research proposes progression of contact is the most ideal approach to control talk and mitigate extra stress. Relatives included in past episodes have prompted that warning of no advancement is less demanding to acknowledge when clarifications are given.
• Regular contact is esteemed regardless of the possibility that a message is not positive. Numerous
organizations neglect to contact family individuals since they feel a feeling of disappointment in the event that they have no uplifting news to report. In any case, families express that absence of contact creates an apprehension that needs have been overlooked and an expanded view of detachment can
build family push which normal contact can lessen.
• The Company may turn into the core interest of expanded outrage from both the family and the seafarer, if the seafarer can't reach home. The privateers might give the seafarers, and conceivably their families, the feeling that the Company does not think about them and outrage at first coordinated towards the privateers can without much of a stretch be exchanged to the Organization or their Representative. The Family Liaison Representative needs to be made mindful of this and figure it out
that any resentment communicated may not be individual. Engrossing the outrage, whilst keeping up the arranged connection and convention of contacts, can address this. Both the Company and the family
should report positive advancement as soon as could be expected under the circumstances.
• The Family Liaison Representative may have the capacity to bolster the family with nerves at home over disease or when other troubling episodes happen.
• Family individuals ought to be reminded to incorporate youngsters, if age suitable, in data given about the circumstance that is happening.
• If contact is made straightforwardly with the seafarer amid bondage, the Family Contact Representative might have the capacity to prompt the family about whether or not to educate the seafarer of any issues, remembering this will add to the seafarers' nervousness during an era when
they can do little to change occasions or give support.
• Behavioral issues with youngsters could be examined with the Family Contact Representative. Regularly a thoughtful ear can help as can getting to master help for the family on the off chance that suitable.
• The Family Liaison Representative may know about advancement in transactions however
not able to educate the family. Building up trust, which might be dashed if arrangements separate, can obliterate any trust created. The family needs consolation that transactions are proceeding however incredible consideration ought to be taken to just give data checked by the Company.
• The family may hear gossipy tidbits about the episode and ask the Family Contact Representative for check of their validness. The Company must be made mindful of such gossipy tidbits. Steady data ought to be given by the Company and Family Liaison Agent at all times.
• The media may attempt to utilize the family to try out any bits of gossip that are circling. This could adversely influence the transaction procedure if blended messages originate from the Company and
family in the press.

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