Good Practice Guide for Shipping Companies and Manning Agents for the Humanitarian Support of Seafarers’ Families

In reacting to the danger of robbery, or a seafarer turning into a casualty of robbery what's more, equipped theft, plainly the seafarers' families play an essential part. This distribution gives direction on ways that relatives could be upheld. The aide might be more appropriate to the requirements of a few organizations than others and we know that numerous organizations as of now have such plans in spot and subsequently may utilize this distribution as an agenda for current hone. Where a Company does not have an arrangement this report could be utilized to set up an arrangement of activity.
Good Practice During the Pre-Crisis Period
It can't be accentuated enough how great readiness will help a Company, furthermore, at last seafarers and their families, in circumstances of theft assault. This production recommends rehearses and systems which may help organizations in taking care of the circumstance, including for illustration a lot of calls from different relatives, and different ways in which families can be bolstered.
Appointment of a Family Liaison Representative(s)
Organizations are urged to set up a Family Liaison Team with, in a perfect world, at minimum two Family Liaison Representatives. These can either be existing staff inside the Company who have contact with seafarers' families or outside specialists acquired once an occasion happens.
Organizations may likewise have groups suitable to the nationalities of teams. Organizations ought to know that staff completing this part may advantage from expert backing and preparing.
Choice of the Family Liaison Delegate
Proposed vital criteria for the named Family Liaison Representative:
• Based at Company workplaces or somewhere else with great access to an assortment of specialized instruments with 24-hour availability.
• Well settled inside the Company framework and regarded for their trustworthiness in their dealings with all parties including seafarers.
• Appreciates the affectability required to manage the issues included.
• Sensitive to, and has a comprehension of, the neighborhood society and dialect of the families included.
• Being open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to relatives amid the time of recognized need which may
should be supported for a long time.
• Able to get to lawful exhortation and talk about this in the interest of the Company.
• Appreciates the requirement for secrecy whilst regarding the lawful, money related also, moral limits which must be kept up between the Company what's more, relatives if trust is to be created and improbable desires are to be minimized.
Recommended alluring criteria for the designated Family Liaison Representative:
• Willingness to improve their current abilities and look for further preparing connected with their assignments as a Family Contact Representative. The preparation should incorporate comprehension typical responses to emergency circumstances, being ready to speak with the individuals who are damaged and managing circumstances when giving terrible news.
• Willingness to help the family in managing the media.Recognises the significance of looking for out and keeping up connections with other neighborhood, provincial, and global assets including proficient

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