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  • Vessel Disposal
    At the point when vessels are no more required, there are a few alternatives for their manner, including reuse of the vessel or parts of the vessel, reusing or scrapping, making simulated reefs, and transfer ashore or ocean (USEPA 2006). This area examines the potential living space and marine fisheries impacts connected with transfer adrift. The transfer of vessels in the vast sea is directed by the US EPA under area 102(a) of the MPRSA (Ocean Dumping Ban Act) and under 40 CFR § 229.3 of the US EPA controls. 

  • Operation and Maintenance of Vessels
    Vessel movement in seaside waters is for the most part corresponding to the level of urbanization and port and harbor improvement inside a specific range. Benthic, shoreline, and pelagic environments may be aggravated or adjusted by vessel use, bringing about a course of combined effects in overwhelming activity zones (Barr 1993).
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